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At Burnt Oak, we have lifelong experience with the countryside and the flora and fauna within it. Close ties with the farming, hunting, shooting and fishing communities help us to understand the demands of our clients better. Martin is a qualified stalker, allowing him to give educated advise on any deer problems you may have. His years of shooting experience also help with any vermin control issues such as fox problems or issues with birds in barns and warehouses. Things we could help you with include:


  • Deer Management
  • Vermin Control – eg. fox, rabbit, squirrels, birds
  • Vermin Deterrents – eg. bird spikes, bird netting etc
  • Tree and Hedge Planting
  • Habitat Construction
  • Ponds and Wader Scrapes
  • Wildlife fencing - eg. Deer, badger, rabbit, newt, etc.
  • Invasive Plant Control
  • Game bird Release Pens


Urban fox problems are ever on the increase and we have several effective ways of dealing with such nuisances that may be on your property. Alternatively you may be trying to encourage more wildlife onto your land and we can assist with habitat construction like ponds or artificial earthworks for example. We are happy to come and discuss with you any projects you may be thinking of undertaking and all of our estimates are free of charge.


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