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Sports and Grounds Maintenance

Posted by Martin

With the spring approaching we turn our attention to the tasks ahead through the coming year, grass to be cut, treatments to be applied, hedges cut and of course those ghastly weeds to be taken care of. So now is the time to call us to discuss your maintenance requirements for the season, if you have a lawn, 2 acres of lawn, sports pitches, cricket outfields, highway verges, amenity land; we can definately help.

We undertake all of our maintenance works to a very high standard to help you get the best from your green spaces, and of course to create the right impression. Please <Click Here> for full information on the services we provide.



Cold winter ahead! Time to order firewood!

Posted by Martin

Apparently we are in for a chilly old winter ahead, now is the time to order your firewood logs and kindling. We supply a variety of products which will help to keep the fire roaring, locally sourced and naurally dried in the fresh air, they are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to heating your home.

We normally supply in bulk bag loads however we can provide as much as you want, from a pick up full to an 18ft trailer load. Naturally bulk discounts apply. Call us now to arrange your delivery – 07752 132997


For more information <please click here>


Paddock Maintenance & Meange Levelling

Posted by Martin

It has been a terrible winter for many in the equestrian sector and the paddocks are certainly showing signs of wear and tear. Fear not, we can help get them back to new!

Some of the services that may be of use include:

  • Harrowing
  • Topping
  • Heavy Rolling
  • Spraying
  • Slitting / Aerating
  • Arena Levelling
  • Fertiliser Spreading
  • Overseeding

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